End of tenancy clear-out and clean

We don't need to tell landlords of the problem of tenants leaving rubbish behind when they leave! Our team came in, threw out the rubbish and recycled the rest, before setting to work to really clean the room, including carpets, windows curtains (washable) and woodwork. Click on the images to enlarge the photos


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Mouldy bathroom ceiling cleaning

We've seen some mouldy bathrooms in our time, but this one was particularly bad due to neglect. Our team scrubbed and cleaned and scrubbed again to remove every trace of the mould caused by inadequate ventilation, from ceiling paintwork, tiles, and grout. The rest was a clean, dry ceiling that looked good as new, gleaming tiles, shining chrome fittings and one very happy houseowner!


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Post renovation clean

This bathroom has been renovated, with the result that the floor was covered in plaster dust and dirt that had been ground into the surface. Our team removed the loose dirt then washed the floor hard to remove the rest, giving a deep clean shine to the floor. The whole bathroom was wiped free of dust and grime, then cleaned to perfection.


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